Lorn and Oban Healthy Options
Lorn and Oban Healthy Options

Who We Are

Healthy Options is a community health initiative which encourages people to get healthier and fitter through participation in a flexible programme of activity designed to meet individual needs. Healthy Options work with local health professionals to help those who would benefit from having a healthier active lifestyle.

 Here are some of the benefits Healthy Options clients have gained;

  • Become more independent – ‘once again I have the strength to stand and prepare my own meals’.
  • Re-enter the job market – ‘I have been able to go back to work – before HO, I believed I was in a downward spiral becoming less able and becoming more ‘housebound’.
  • Be more active – ‘HO gave me a pedometer, I was only capable of walking 790 steps each day and now I’m walking 8,500 steps per day.’
  • Increase their social interaction in the community- ‘met new company which was hard as I live on my own’.
  • Improve confidence- ‘ It feels good to be active, you get more confidence in going around on your own, more strength in muscles and just general feeling of doing something.’

Your doctor is aware of the Healthy Options programme and if appropriate may recommend that you become a Healthy Options client.

Be a part of Healthy Options and choose your path to a healthier and fitter future!


Healthy Options is a social enterprise, established by members of the community, drawn from the health, business, fitness and community sectors. It is a company limited by guarantee and is a registered charity SCO 41998

The Board of Directors are all volunteers and receive no remuneration. Our staff are skilled professionals with fitness and health qualifications specific to meet the needs of our clients.