Lorn and Oban Healthy Options
Lorn and Oban Healthy Options

What We Do:

We support people to have a healthy, active life!

During a routine appointment your doctor may refer you to Healthy Options. You will have an initial meeting with one of our Programme Staff, which takes 40- 60 minutes.

At this meeting we will jointly design an initial activity programme tailored to your needs, lasting for 12 weeks - you will be encouraged to attend at least one session per week. Depending on your availability and activity preferences, your 12 week programme can include;

  • Linking with community groups promoting physical activity, for example Oban Health Walks.
  • A home based programme, for example exercise you can do by yourself in your own home.
  • A centre based programme which offers gym based exercise, swimming or group exercise classes.

 Throughout this initial 12 week programme you will be under close guidance from with your personal Healthy Options staff member.

 Additional health and well-being information will be available through our Healthy Options Zone based in Atlantis Leisure and our website.

At the conclusion of the 12 week programme, you will be ready to start your own personal move-on programme which we will help coordinate, and monitor your progress through the next 9 months, which completes a full year of Healthy Options support.

The cost of the programme will depend on the activities chosen. If you are attending Atlantis Leisure please check out our partnership agreement with Atlantis Leisure, click here for more information.

Healthy Options can help a range of clients with different health issues including; cardiac problems, injuries, mental wellbeing, MS, epilepsy, diabetes, obesity etc.